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Grow Money Market

Given your busy life, you never just sit there, and neither should your money. Our Grow Money Market account lets you build for the future, but tap into money today if you need it. Earn interest on your account and enjoy readily available access. The best part? If you have a Grow Checking account you may qualify for our "relationship builder" rate* on your Grow Money Market. Other features include:

  • Increasing tiered interest rates as your balance builds
  • The ability to make six withdrawals per monthly cycle
  • Automatic deposit transfers so your savings are on cruise control
  • Mobile banking, which provides access anywhere, anytime
  • $100 deposit to open with $1.00 minimum to earn interest

You might not need the money right now, so let it earn you more with our Grow Money Market!

Check out our Rates here.

*If you have a Grow Checking account and your monthly average balance is at least $1,500 and 10 or more transactions post to your Grow Checking account during the month (a transaction is defined as any type of debit or credit which posts to the Grow Checking account), you will earn the Relationship Builder rate on your Grow Money Market account for the following month. 
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