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Business Convenience Banking

Let Countryside Bank take the hassle out of business banking and take advantage of our Business Convenience Services! Here is what you get when you open a business account with us:

Coin and Currency Services
Why would we charge you for exchanging your own money?  Businesses still run on good old-fashioned coins and currency, and we honor that with good old-fashioned convenience and value. We don’t charge for rolls of coin and extra cash, whether you’re depositing or purchasing.

Cash Deposits

When you bring us a large cash deposit, instead of charging you like some banks might, we’re more likely to give you a hearty congratulations knowing that your business is good. Because here, your money is always welcome. 

Night Depository

Still hard at work past our closing hours? Not to worry. Located outside our building, our night depository lets you make a deposit 24 hours a day. A letter-size envelope will fit through the slot, and keys are available for larger deposit bags. Your deposit will be processed on the next business day, and a receipt will be mailed to you promptly.

Wire Transfers
Business deals and purchases can happen quickly, and wiring funds is often a critical part of making them happen. Make fast and secure outgoing wire transfers in-person or online at any Countryside Bank location during business hours.

  • Transfer funds anywhere
  • Safe and accurate
  • Money available quickly
  • Completely secure
Overdraft Transfer Service 
There are plenty of ways to accidentally overdraw your account, we understand. Don't worry though, you're covered with Countryside Bank's Business Overdraft Transfer Service. We want to help you avoid a potential mishap and ding on your credit. It's easy to set up your account to automatically transfer funds from one account to another when/if that time comes.

Business Convenience Banking