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Construct Mobile Payouts

Mobile Construction Loan Automation 

You deserve the most efficient, progressive, and mobile tools that a bank can offer!  This easy-to-use, web-based service automates the construction loan management process.  Welcome to Construct!  Construct is accessible from any phone, tablet or computer, it eliminates the need for paper files and spreadsheets.  View and manage your projects on-the-go!  Avoid going to the bank by saving time and money! 

Make Life Easier

Instant Updates
Instant text/email notifications on inspection/draw activity 

Real Time Reporting 
Automated, subtotaled reporting options for all your loans 

Make Draws On-the-Go
Make a draw instantly, from anywhere

See Inspection Photos
Anytime, up-to-date access to your project status, inspection progress and photos


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Questions?  Ready to sign up for Construct?   Just fill out the form below and we'll help you get started or call 708-485-9003.