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Traditional IRA

Many people wish they'd started saving earlier for retirement. With a house, kids, college loans and a growing career to worry about, retirement planning is easy to delay -- but don't do it. Let a Countryside Bank Individual Retirement Account (IRA) put building your retirement savings on autopilot so you can focus on everything else.

Why Open a Traditional IRA?

Opening an IRA is a smart choice. The sooner you start building up your account, the more you will have when the time comes to retire. Not all IRAs are the same, so work with our Relationship Bankers to find the one that is right for your life. Features of IRAs include:

  • Opportunity to save while deferring the taxes (consult your tax advisor)
  • Short and long term options
  • Contribute up to limits set by IRS
  • FDIC insured up to pre-specified limits
A middle age couple discussing a traditional IRA with a banker