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Security Center

Countryside Bank works to protect your personal account and information.  We ensure within our systems that your personal information is safe at every point of the transition by implementing current technology and informing you of tools that you as a consumer can use to protect against fraudulent activity.  Follow these tips and take an active role in protecting your private information and security: 

User ID and Password Guidelines:

  • Create and change your password frequently using at least 8 characters. Include upper/lower case letters, numbers, and special characters where possible.  
  • Do not share password information with third-party providers. 

General Guidelines to help minimize fraudulent activity:

  • Do not use public or other unsecured computers for logging into any banking/financial websites.
  • Do not use automatic login features that save usernames and passwords on Computers, Tablets, or Smartphones.
  • Review your account history regularly (preferably daily) and report suspicious activity to your financial institution. 

Beware of Phishing attempts to gain your information:

  • "Phishing" refers to unsolicited emails that look like they’re from trusted sites.
  • If you get an unsolicited email or pop-up message that asks for personal or financial information, do not reply or click on the link.  To verify whether or not it’s from a trusted source, contact the company or individual to determine if it is a legitimate email.
  • Countryside Bank will never request your confidential information via email. If you receive a request like this please contact us immediately. 

Other Identity Theft Protection:

 Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information to establish credit, borrow money, charge items, or even commit crimes in your name.  Follow these tips to protect yourself from identity theft:

  • Shred credit card receipts, cancelled checks, pre-approved credit card offers, etc.
  • Never give out your social security number, credit card numbers, account numbers or Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) to anyone via email or over the phone.
  • Review your credit report each year. You can obtain a free credit report once a year from each of the credit reporting agencies by calling 877-322-8228 or going to

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